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October 2018 D 'n F Octave
September 2018 The Granada Turns 110
August 2018 Richard Hawkins Piano Recital
July 2018 Introducing Tuesday Bluesday
June 2018 Custom Portraits
May 2018 A Day At The Races
April 2018 A River Rockin' Good Time
March 2018 Graton Casino
February 2018 Black History Month
January 2018 A Look Back
December 2017 Happy Holidays
November 2017 New Home Theatre System
October 2017 SF Shakes Hamlet
September 2017 Happy 109th Birthday Granada
August 2017 The San Francisco Public Library Bookmobile
July 2017 River Rock Revelry
June 2017 Happy Flag Day
May 2017 Recycling Is Everyone's Responsibility
April 2017 Winchester Mystery House
March 2017 Caregiver Appreciation Day
February 2017 Granada Annual Super Bowl Party!
January 2017 The Next Generation
December 2016 Our Oldest Friends
November 2016 46th Annual Half Moon Bay Pumpkinfest
October 2016 Oktoberfest for All
September 2016 The O'Jays Live At Stern Grove
August 2016 LiLou The Pig
July 2016 A New Look
June 2016 What A Trip!
May 2016 River Rock Casino
April 2016 Chabot Space & Science Center
March 2016 Alcatraz Island Tour
February 2016 Golden Gate Fields
January 2016 The San Francisco Zoo Senior Stroll
December 2015 SF Maritime National Historic Park
November 2015 45th Annual HMB Art & Pumpkin Festival
October 2015 Romeo & Juliet
September 2015 Muir Woods
August 2015 Go Giants!
July 2014 Sausalito Here We Come
June 2014 Sonoma Sebastiani Vineyards Tour
May 2014 Songbirds
April 2014 Turf Club General Seating
March 2014 Granada DeYoung Fine Arts Museum Tour
February 2014 Library on Wheels
January 2014 Granada VA Art Show
December 2013 Anchor Steam Brewery Tour
November 2013 Stinson Beach Tour
October 2013 Zibo Xie at The Granada
September 2013 My Three Chefs
August 2013 Magical Mystery Tour
July 2013 Historic July
June 2013 Granada Memorial Day Veterans
May 2013 Library on Wheels
February 2013 Granada Around the Bay Tour
January 2013 Christmas Cheer!
December 2012 What Did We Do for Fun in 2012?
November 2012 Giants sweep Tigers for World Series
October 2012 Granada Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival Tour
September 2012 The Marine Mammal Center Tour
August 2012 Granada Stinson Beach Picnic Tour
July 2012 Redding Elementary Kids at the Granada
June 2012 Salad Bars
May 2012 Songbirds
April 2012 The Granada View
March 2012 So where you been?
February 2012 Muir Woods National Monument
January 2012 Granada Artist
November 2011 Busy Granada Tours
October 2011 Where are We Going this month?
August 2011 The Granada & Artist Mariel Bayona
July 2011 Granada Beach Chalet Tour
June 2011 Get Your Program
May 2011 Earthquake Awareness
April 2011 Senior Service
March 2011 UC Berkeley Antropology Museum Granada Egyptian Tour
February 2011 Granada around the Bay Tour
January 2011 Christmas Cheer!
December 2010 Granada Thanksgiving
November 2010 S.F. Giants fans jubilant as dry spell ends
October 2010 Lunch at the Ferry Building
September 2010 Let's talk about Wi-Fi in the Granada
August 2010 The Granada Stinson Beach Tour
July 2010 Comcast Letter
June 2010 Library on Wheels
May 2010 Salad Bars
April 2010 The Marine Mammal Center Tour
March 2010 Female Veterans of The Granada
February 2010 Sutter Street Paces - 2010
January 2010 The View from The Bay
December 2009 Veterans of The Granada
November 2009 Over 101 Years
September 2009 Cosmopolitan flavor of The Granada
August 2009 Cuauhtemoc
July 2009 Library on Wheels
June 2009 San Francisco Giants and The Granada
May 2009 Granada Seen
March 2009 Intrax International Institute
February 2009 Hearts of San Francisco
January 2009 A View from the Bay Tour
December 2008 Fa la la la la, la la la la
November 2008 Muir Woods National Monument
September 2008 100 Years and Counting
August 2008 More Hors-d'oeuvres, Anyone?
July 2008 Tiburon
June 2008 Granada Casino Royale
May 2008 Sausalito Sojourn
April 2008 Someone give me a tip
March 2008 Once Around the Bay
February 2008 What a Season
December 2007 The Face of Christmas
November 2007 What Keeps You at The Granada?
September 2007 Take a Ride on the # 2,3 or 4 MUNI
August 2007 Noontime Concert Tour
July 2007 Thoughtful Dining
June 2007 Life is Sweet at 100
May 2007 The Count and Our Wine
April 2007 The Golden Gate Plus
March 2007 Friends
February 2007 Stately Toward a 100 Years
January 2007 Christmas Faces
December 2006 River Rock Indian Casino
November 2006 Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Arts
October 2006 Play Ball!
September 2006 Lunch at Aquatic Park Senior Center
August 2006 What's in a Name?
July 2006 Opera Dinner at The Granada
June 2006 And They're Off
May 2006 Passover Dinner with a Cantor
April 2006 Mardi Gras
March 2006 The New Asian Arts Museum Tour
February 2006 A Tradition Goes On
January 2006 Saint Mary's Cathedral Choir Party
December 2005 de Young Fine Arts Museum
November 2005 Conservatory of Flowers
October 2005 Take Me Out to the Ballgame Tour
September 2005 Sonoma Picnic
August 2005 Hors-d'oeuvres?
July 2005 Library on Wheels
June 2005 A Granada Seder
April 2005 Granada Sketch
January 2005 Here Comes Santa Claus
November 2004 A Granada Overnight Tour to Reno
July 2004 Muir Woods
May 2004 Kennelly School of Irish Dance
March 2004 The Granada: A Tradition
January 2004 The Face of The Granada
November 2003 Our New Sidewalk
September 2003 Garden Fresh Variety Salad Bar
July 2003 Around and About at The Granada
May 2003 Granada Out and About
January 2003 What Do You Like the Most about The Granada?
October 2002 The New Union Square
August 2002 The Jungle
June 2002 The Grand Piano
April 2002 Sutter Street Paces
February 2002 Where's The Party